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Polly Pocket Pet Connects Otter Micro Playset

Polly Pocket Pet Connects Otter Micro Playset

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Polly Pocket Pet Connects compacts stack up playtime fun! Each portable toy features an adorable animal shape on the outside and opens to an animal-themed adventure on the inside. A micro doll, animal figure, storytelling accessory and kid-activated actions fill the playset and engage imaginations. Kids can collect them all and stack the compacts on top of each other to build a bigger world. Heart-shaped clips attach to backpacks and more to take the compacts on the go. Offering anytime, anywhere fun, Polly compacts make a great gift for kids 4 years and older. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.
  • Pet Connects cases feature an adorable animal shape and have a cute lock of hair on the outside.
  • Each pencil case is animal-themed and includes fun activities and two animals (one with hair) and a comb that stores neatly on top of the case.
  • Girls can stack the pencil cases on top of each other or hold a pencil case on the back of each other for a multi-level play experience.

model: hkv48-hrd39

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