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illy Whole Bean Coffee Intenso - Bold Roast

illy Whole Bean Coffee Intenso - Bold Roast

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Intensely aromatic, featuring captivating cocoa and dried fruit notes with a deep, full-bodied finish.

The INTENSO roast of illy’s unique 100% Arabica blend has a highly aromatic flavor, with enticing notes of cocoa and dried fruit and a rich, full-bodied aftertaste.

About illy Coffee: illy whole bean Intenso coffee is a unique offering from our signature 100% Arabica blend. Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, which is why our Intenso coffee beans are sourced from only 1% of the best Arabica beans with zero defects.

Taste Profile: Intenso whole bean coffee features a distinctively bold and full-bodied taste profile. Each cup is highly aromatic and delivers prominent notes of cocoa and dried fruits. Intenso coffee leaves a lasting impression, ensuring a memorable start to your day.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable initiatives for our products. As a Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), our guiding principle when it comes to doing business is the creation of economic, social and environmental value for all players involved throughout the production chain.

Roast Degree: Intenso whole bean coffee is a dark roast, the middle ground of our three intensities. We've perfected our roasting curve to bring out the bold and intense taste a good dark roast needs.

Pressurized Packaging: Our exclusive pressurized packaging seals in the freshness of Intenso coffee beans to protect their precious oils and aromas. This unique process ensures your coffee retains its characteristic taste and aroma for up to two years.

Preparation Method: To enjoy Intenso whole bean coffee at its best, we recommend grinding your beans with a burr grinder just before brewing. This ensures you'll get the freshest coffee at the right grind size for your preferred preparation method. Whether you prefer espresso, French press, moka pot or filter coffee, Intenso whole bean coffee can be prepared according to your coffee ritual.

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